Johnson County Soil and Water Conservation District

Rain Water Audit

All fields must be filled below.  If an item is non-applicable please enter zero in order for the audit to work. 

Create a customized report showing how rain water is likely running off your landscape.

To begin, you can set default values to a similar property.

Lot width in feet
Lot depth in feet.
Lot size in square feet

Age of buildings in years

sq. ft. - Roof area of buildings with gutters
sq. ft. - Roof area of buildings without gutters

Percent of downspouts pointing to driveway or sidewalk (for example,. 3 out of 4 = 75%)

sq. ft. - Driveway or parking lot area
sq. ft. - Sidewalk area (typically 4' wide)
sq. ft. - Patios, courts, and other areas

Soil type
Soil infiltration rate (inches per hour)

Mulch grass clippings when mowing

How often do you aerate?
Inches of compost applied after aeration

Landscape Types
sq. ft. - Vegetable/flower garden
sq. ft. - Under trees shrubs
sq. ft. - Rain garden

Find Your Lot and Building Size
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Best Management Practices
Learn a variety of ways to reduce rainfall run-off.

View Water Management Best Practices
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